Introduction by Eleanor Alexander

my mother-in-law's beautiful desk
My mother-in-law's beautiful desk, where I found Fritz Mauthner's letter to his brother. I would like to dedicate these pages to the memory of my mother-in-law, Anna Alexander.
It is a pleasure to thank so many.

I want to express my gratitude to the Leo Baeck Institute for preserving the papers of Fritz Mauthner and for their generous assistance.

My warmest thanks to Ann who read and edited my translations, always willing to discuss any problems. She also wrote a fine introduction to the family letters. Karen Romer, an old friend, an Professor Nelson, my teacher at the University of Michigan, made valuable suggestions. Michael and Jean provided me with a great deal of valuable material about Fritz Mauthner's work. Kay was able to produce excellent photographs on her computer. And Larry looked so much like his great-great Uncle!

My friends Wulf und Christine Everling visited me at Rivermead and showed a great interest in the letters. A few months later they went to Meersburg to take excellent photographs of the Glaserhäusle.

My warmest thanks to Heidi Segal for her friendly assistance and for preparing the final copy of Fritz Mauthner's letters.
LITERATUR - Letters to Fritz Mauthner, Translation by Eleanor Alexander, Winter 2001